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"It's not exercise. It's not chiropractic. It's about the body teaching itself to feel better."

-Liz Janes Brown, Maui News

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About Margaret

Margaret McIntyre

Margaret McIntyre is committed to helping people realize their potential in the activities they love, be it simply enjoying a walk on the beach or improving performance at all levels. Discover how you can improve your life and sports, be more flexible, recover from injury and eliminate your pain...it’s easy!

Margaret McIntyre offers a variety of public workshops in Maui, Hawaii, and Dynamic Skiing for Life seminars in Vail, Colorado. She is well known for her ability to significantly improve sports performance through her clear and practical presentations. She has a private practice and specializes in giving customized, in-depth personal training intensives. Learn more about Margaret »

News and Events

Private Practice

December 2017
Dynamic Living *NEW PROGRAM
December 12-15, 2017 | Antlers at Vail - Vail, Colorado

January 2018
Dynamic Skiing for Women Only at Beaver Creek - FULL
January 8-11, 2018 | SaddleRidge - Beaver Creek, Colorado

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Integrated Movement - Feldenkrais Method - Margaret McIntyre, Maui, Hawaii
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