Some Memorable Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais

Some Memorable Quotes from Moshe Feldenkrais

“Movement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

“Movement is life and without movement life is unthinkable.”

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.”

“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible minds and to restore each person to their human dignity.”

“Habit formation is a terrible nuisance when not in the context in which they were formed.”

“Focus on your difficulties and you have difficulties for life.”

“Through the first years of life, we organize our entire system in a direction which will forever after guide us in that direction. We end up being restricted, we don’t do music, we don’t do other things. What is most important, we find ourselves capable of doing only those things that we already know.”

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