What people are saying

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Those in Difficulties

“Several employees made dramatic improvements after just a few Feldenkrais sessions where previous traditional therapies were no longer making any significant progress. This reduced medical costs, disability periods, and gave the injured worker a renewed optimism regarding their potential for full recovery.” — Janet Jordan, Supervisor, Workers Compensation Claims, Risk Management Dept., Vail Associates, Inc.

I am 82 years old and used a cane for walking because of my fear of falling. After only a few of Margaret’s Feldenkrais class sessions, the balance and flexibility in my body has improved so much I am able to walk, climb up and down stairs, get in and out of chairs, and even get down and up from the floor with no assistance of any kind. My cane is retired! — Hester Roessler 4/2003

“After a car accident I was in constant back pain. I tried everything. Then I saw Margaret, now I’m not. What can I say?” — Jan Anderson, Realtor/Broker, Equity One, Maui

“I was in a wheelchair for 15 months after a bad car accident, but in three weeks, Margaret taught me to walk, sit, bend, get out of a chair etc.” — Mayla Makana

“I had neck and shoulder pain for 9 years and Margaret worked gently with me for 20 minutes and the pain has gone and not returned.” — Larry Yamada

“My daughter Lani who is now 23 years old suffered severe brain damage at 18 and has been slowly relearning to function again ever since. Margaret has been working with her for 3 years and she slowly improves, after her Feldenkrais session each week she more alert, better balanced, can sit and stand differently, more feisty! More alive!” — Larry Yamada

“After spending the majority of the past year in a recliner and very little exercise, it hurt to stay in one position for much time. After one session with Margaret my body felt very relaxed and more fluid. My posture was greatly improved and I felt great! Since the first session I have not felt it necessary to lie down during the daytime. I find that I am able to stand and sit for much longer periods of time with less discomfort.” — Susan Ramsdell, 1/24/2002, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and connective tissue disease

SurfingThose Seeking Excellence

“I love my weekly classes with Margaret. I leave feeling relaxed, loose and ready for anything. How can it be possible for my muscles and joints to feel so loose without even stretching? Feldenkrais is a MUST for any athlete interested in increasing performance and ease of movement.” — Jan Anderson, Realtor/Broker, Equity One, Maui

“In the short time that I’ve been taking Feldenkrais®, it has affected me dramatically. My very poor posture was corrected, despite the fact that I am not consciously doing anything differently! So far I’ve been intrigued, excited, delighted, and amazed by Feldenkrais.” — Bev Johnsen, Interior Designer November 2002

“When I met Margaret I was a professional snowboarder. With Feldenkrais not only did my results improve, my riding became more fluid and efficient. I have since taken this learning into other sports I love such as basketball, windsurfing and surfing.” — Brian Delaney, former National and Amateur Snowboarding Champion

“I had one of my best ever ski racing competitions after doing Feldenkrais.” — Troy Watts, former member of US Ski Team.

“The smallest adjustments in body movement with Feldenkrais has led to big changes in my balance and rhythm in everyday life, and even my golf game.” — Jane Thompson

“I didn’t believe gardening could be fun again … but it is!” — Sandra Fricke, 70

“After one session with Margaret I had at least 30 degrees more turn in my swing and I was able to retain this flexibility!” — Don Greene, Sports Psychologist, Golf Digest Instruction Schools